Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Good for what Ails Ya'

Vermont's Original Bag Balm.
We could not have walked these hundreds of miles without the best salve known to man or beast. It's the stuff that keeps our World turning. Good for cows a' milkin', dogs and men alike. If it rubs or gets chapped Vermont's Original Bag Balm is so good I have walked from the states' southern border to get to Lyndonville so I can get a fresh tub from the factory.
Just yesterday my boy didn't put enough Bag Balm on and was walking like a bow legged sailor while I could move the World. Why, I even use it on the toggles on the rope that steers the ball so they can spin easily.just yesterday I was talking to some folks who also used the Balm and where telling me I could have the tub they had so would not have to walk the extra miles and go ahead over to New Hampshire at St Johnsbury. Just as the woman came to hand me the half empty tin a stiff wind came and the World went sailing North toward Lyndonville as if it had a mind of it's own. Who am I to argue, I refused the offer and followed the wind.
This afternoon or first thing in the morning I will be rolling to the doors of the factory for the best, Vermont's Origional Bag Balm!

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